Amazing Health Benefits of Porridge and an Easy Recipe

Ever felt like doing something healthy that’s easy, simple and didn’t cost the earth? Eating porridge is right up there with the best heath return on effort you can get. Why is porridge so good? And, what’s the best way to make it?

Health Benefits of Porridge

  • Healthy Heart – Eating oats every day has been shown to reduce effects leading to heart disease such as lowering cholesterol
  • Healthy Gut – High Fibre grains such as oats help keep the lower half of your insides in in good order
  • Slimming – Lower GI foods put less strain on the kidneys and last longer than high GI breakfasts. Porridge is among the lower GI breakfast foods (as long as you don’t sweeten it with a pound of sugar!)
  • 100% Natural


An apple a day, if well aimed, keeps the doctor away.



Start by deciding how many people to make porridge for.


  • Jumbo Oats – Use 230ml / 1 Cup / 8 Fl. Oz per person for normal portion and for hungry people use one and a half times that i.e. 350ml / 1.5 Cups / 12 Fl. Oz.
  • Cold Water – 1.5 times as much volume as the oats for small quantities and around 1.25 times as much water as oats if making lots. You can always stir in water as the porridge cooks.
  • Don’t be tempted to make porridge with milk, you’ll cut out some of the health benefits and you’ll taste the subtle flavours of oats better without it.

The key to great porridge is SLOW COOKING. You can boil up oats super fast if you’re in a rush but it’s not the same.


Mix the oats and water in a pan, ideally a cast iron pan. Put it on a cooker on medium heat without a lid. A brief stir every 10-15 minutes mixes in any uneven heating. After 35-40 minutes the porridge will thicken and the boiling bubbles slowly. Turn off the heat, mix, put a lit on and leave for 15 minutes to cool enough to eat.


Serve with fruit and seeds. Depending on what’s in season (or in the freezer) we eat porridge with blueberries, fruits of the forest or rhubarb. Also, flax seeds or chia seeds.

If you’ve a sweet tooth, one (ONE!) teaspoon of sugar mixed into a bowl of porridge helps, or the equivalent quantity of honey.

Faster Alternatives

To make the same porridge faster, have a go at these alternatives:

  • Soak the oats in water overnight
  • Bring the cold mix to the boil then at once turn the heat right down to slow cook
  • Use cut porridge oats instead of jumbo oats (uncut rolled oats). These smaller pieces of oats cook faster and make a creamy porridge

So, there you have it, mix oats and water then apply heat. Easy eh?

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