Seven Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Outside in the sunshine, workers hustle on lunchtime errands, line up in delis and scan specials boards. Voices raised over the din swap plans and gossip. Everyone wishes the dose of normality could last longer as visions of afternoon diligence start breaking the spell.

So it is that routine and normality, often hidden in plain sight, contribute to daily wellbeing. The lunchbreak refreshment of mind and spirit is every bit as important as eating. Nourishment in mind and body raises our spirit, boosts our mood and rejuvenates us. Happier and calmer, we can carry on.

Simple actions and thoughts often add to our happiness, sometimes with little or no effort. Here are seven other ways to make life more enjoyable as you tackle the thornier issues.

Eat Healthy: Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels

His dinner included three hamburgers and two orders of fries. I had no idea where those calories went. To his ego, maybe?

Jennifer L. Armentrout, Opal

Weight is a touchy subject for many people, which is a shame because our weight is nobody’s business but our own. Achieving the weight we want depends on what we consume, how much we move our bodies and our age. Eating the right foods is most important. Up to age 35 I was thin despite all I ate and drank. And then…….

My “bing” lightbulb moment was reading “Think like a pancreas”. The more stable the blood sugar levels, the less the body stores away for later. Of course, junk food is popular because of the instant feelgood factor. But, it’s fresh fruit and vegetables that contain the nutrients needed for health.

Drink Little: Alcohol Causes the Problems it Tries to Fix

Albert: “Oh, yes, sir. But alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them.”

Terry Pratchett

Better still, don’t drink alcohol. The badge of grownup-ness from years ago is fading as young people do without alcohol more than ever. Even so, many people — particularly older people — drink lots. I know I did. Far too much.

After 25 years of drinking alcohol, awareness stepped in and I stopped. Just like that. And with no withdrawal or regret. I’d recommend being teetotal. It’s a blast being one of the two or three sober people in a room! Parties are even more fun.

Appreciate Your Accomplishments: Contentment is the Opposite of Ambition

It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.

Germany Kent

Big problems are often daunting but consider this: you’ve survived every problem you’ve had so far. The chances are high you’ll get through the current ones too.

We spend much of our lives working for money, possessions and achievements.

Remembering how far we’ve come, and our achievements, helps maintain perspective. A bit of contentment can do a lot of good.

Remember Why: Each Day, Consider Everything You Enjoy and Care About

“And what would humans be without love?” Rare, said Death.

Terry Pratchett

Perspective and context help keep an eye on the grand prize. That difficult assignment, tricky or dull meeting and all the travel is only a means to an end. Even if we need the money we still appreciate friendly colleagues and a sense of belonging.

Are you working for your family, career progression or even status? Clear knowledge of our motivation lets us know when to keep pressing on and when to reconsider.

Slow Down: Competition, Frustration and Anger Destroy Quality of Life

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Willie Nelson

Your dog will do anything for cheese. So much so that a piece of cheese is the standard way to recover a pilfered soft toy. Those clamped shut jaws open every time we hold cheese to her nose. Her stomach overrules her intelligence.

We can all be a bit like that sometimes. Have you ever scanned for a shorter supermarket queue when you’re not in a rush? Or frustrated driving behind a slow car when you’ve all the time in the world?

Deciding in advance where we’ll compete and where to pass makes our day better. After all, there’s no logic in burning ourselves out rushing to an important meeting. Better to travel a bit earlier, arrive relaxed, and ace the meeting.

Live Now: Focus on the Present to Banish Sadness and Anxiety

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever been sitting there minding your own business and up pops a thought from the past? One of those troubling ones where you could wish the past was different? I’m sure that happens to everyone.

It’s a tempting rabbit-hole but going over the past time and again isn’t helpful. It’s certain we can’t change it. Focussing on the present pays dividends yet sometimes takes effort. Try focussing on ‘now’ next time the past hijacks you with a bad memory. See if it works for you too?

Be Free: Expectations, Fear, Advertisements; They’re Trying to Control You

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.

Terry Pratchett

Imagine all the places we have adverts: TV, internet, magazines and many others. We’re bombarded, everywhere we look, by organisations trying to sell us something. Sometimes it’s indirect and we’re made to fear this or desire that. It’s all around and trying to control our views and purchases.

I’m convinced 21st century freedom means rationing our attention — so that we can use it where we want.

Why not experiment by limiting your exposure to adverts and opinions? Read a book instead of news on a phone, for example. Choosing what’s in front of our eyes and ears is an excellent way to select happiness. This approach steers our thoughts and moods in a positive way.

In a Nutshell

More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


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