Let Some Magic In

Gardeners enrich the soil
Feeding plants so they grow
As humans we enrich the souls
Healing our spirit inside

Or maybe we forget to do it
Like zombies that progress and check
Compete for approval
And valued by wins
Fitting right in to the clan.

But is it you? The really real you
No fear no anxiety pah!
No half dug tunnel under the wall?
I’m affluent me
Yes I’m calm and unrushed.

So let magic in
Play a tune in your day
Coffee’s a world in itself
Feel the warmth from the sun
And value that squeaky old door.

One life — that’s all
And time’s ticking on
We’ve no second chance on this earth
So wake yourself up and cherish the day
Starting now!

Travel’s a verb
It’s the journey that counts
Here is the moment not there
So enjoy every mile and laugh as you go
Stopping to take in the view

Thrive’s a verb too
Yet this journey counts more
So value yourself and your time
For in life for us all the last stop’s the same
And regret won’t help us at all.

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