Recovering Lost Balance through Writing

Launching into writing with gusto, balance wasn’t needed, or so I thought. But lost balance awaited, and, caused problems before recovering the precious state. Here’s the story of what happened.

The newness and unfamiliarity came as a pleasing change. And with a supportive family, gratitude for the liberation and enjoyment was top of my mind, until recently.

Can anything be more gratifying than becoming your true self?

At one with myself and at peace after a life spent working, travelling and biting my tongue. Replacing castles built on sand and the fixed ideas of experience with the unlimited potential of an open mind and a free spirit.

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In July all was good. Stumbling upon Medium was a good-fortune windfall. Our children on holiday, summery weather during summer, for once. My phone helpfully reporting negligible stress levels.

Those who know West of Ireland weather will understand that summer weather is not a given in the Irish summertime.

There’s a lot to learn about good writing as a blogging newbie. After all, you can’t exactly parenthesise a fictional relationship with See Appendix B like you would in workplace documents.

So, for several weeks I read How to guides, and kept learning, even noticing myself the slightly better standard. I wrote and followed and got followed back.

Starting at pretty bad, I had raced past mediocre and arrived with pride at ‘fine’.

But most of all, I was really and truly enjoying the liberating feeling of writing about anything that others might enjoy too.

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Joy, At Long Last

That’s gratitude. Glad all is well with the world when you’re enjoying what you do and loving how you live. Those stories about lack of motivation or lack of will wouldn’t happen to me. No, no, of course not. Until…

Isn’t it funny how fate throws a brick just when you think you’re doing fine?

Like hurting a leg from over-enthusiastic stretching when starting Yoga.

And, as with everything else, writing and blogging are still part of life. If you run before you can walk, you’ll end up tripping. And that can dent your enthusiasm.


Weariness started after several days of dedicated reading with extended time writing. An enjoyable lack of balance.

But then you emerge, bleary-eyed and pale, from too many hours at the computer. There’s probably a name for it. What about “Box Set Syndrome”?

A few days backing off reveals underlying optimism as my eagerness returns. And I’m thankful for the lesson in balance, a self-inflicted learning opportunity.

Learning better writing is much more than the mechanics of ideas and language. It symbolises the possibility of change.

The Joy of Unlimited Potential
Learning better writing is much more than the mechanics of ideas and language. It symbolises the possibility of change, our will to do something different when our old self is unhappy.

In our dynamic world, wouldn’t it be a miracle still to enjoy one subject with youthful excitement when collecting the gold watch?

Enjoying writing for its own sake is unlike work.

Embracing Uncertainty

Embracing uncertainty as a sign of change, part of life’s journey. See where it goes, creating happy options out of nothing by casting off from painful certainty. Valuing spirit over cash and enjoying playing inside the pages of books.

Following my adventure trail and exploring words, am I really exploring my character?

Who I am now; not what I was before, or think I am or would like to be? Becoming an artist: creating not conforming?

If honesty is valuable then discovering is surely valuable too. An option to self-actualise, to obliterate myths I believe about myself. To find out for sure. Discovery over synthesis. Looking for new answers.

Change seems scary in the abstract.

But like diving into a pool, doing it changes our focus. Intangible fears cease to matter when practical challenges emerge.

Balance Lights a Darkness

Learning balance revealed the innate pleasure when motivation recovered. Writing is my new freedom, a framework for ideas and communication. Infinite and diverse, fulfilling and revealing.

Gratitude seems too simple to describe such a multi-dimensional breakthrough.

The frustration and wondering of the old job are out of sight as, having cast off limiting mindsets, a new open road stretches ahead.

It’s like setting off on a Harley armed only with sunglasses and a feeling of freedom.

My personal road-movie of life. I don’t know where it leads but I’m hoping “It’s a Wonderful Life” and not a Thelma & Louise ending.

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