That Post-Post Feeling

The Moment You Hit Publish

Do you feel it too? The post-post feeling, that is.

It’s a small high and sense of achievement that hits you just after you’ve clicked on “Publish”. The Victorian hunter posing, rifle over shoulder and a foot proudly planted on a trophy text.

Yes, this could surely be the one. The one that goes viral. A million claps, half a million followers, fame and fortune.

Shiny new friends instead of folk scoffing at my commas.

I Should Be SEO Lucky

And there’s the sense of accomplishment you get from tending your website with its pedantic details.

Like being a librarian, curating tags and easy-to-read URLs. Success in a snippet, and if you persevere, two green dots from Yoast is the elusive SEO prize.

Picture This

Is it only me that seems to spend five minutes dashing off my Pulitzer prize winner then takes a lifetime choosing a suitable image?

Pictures are important after all. Look at Instagram, that’s how powerful a message pictures can send.

So round and round we go, settling on the perfect image, after umpteen coffees and a morning packed with displacement activities.

Oops!… I Did It Again

As a newbie I don’t have the ease of time-earned judgement or the lessons from painful experience.

My technique is research, education and ­ — crucially­ — hoping for the best.

It’s the literary equivalent of shouting “Geronimo” on the first parachute jump.

Every time it’s the same, although getting easier. The cycle comes round: write something, hate it, go away in a huff and come back, rewrite and expand. Eventually, the narrative takes shape.

Creating a story is like unbreaking a porcelain vase; you start by sweeping up the mess and finish with a work of art.

Why Don’t You Write Me

So far I’ve learned the joy of writing, the humanity and, yes, the doubts. Like a tiny puppy determined to reach the first rung of the ladder, then looking down.

My steep learning curve of the first five months has opened windows to areas unknown. Some new doors have opened too. It’s exciting and liberating.

The alleged tyranny of a blank page is evolving over time into a welcoming opportunity.

Ideas, method and effort translate into a real sense of achievement. The post-post feeling. I hope you feel it too.


Writer & Coffee Drinker. Authenticity is the new zeitgeist.